Church Leadership/Boards

The Session

In the Presbyterian form of government the ruling body of a congregation is called the Session. Members of Session, called Elders, are elected by the congregation for three year terms. With the pastor as Chair (the Moderator) Session meets regularly to act on committee reports, hear financial reports and generally conduct the business of the congregation.

The responsibilities of Session include encouraging evangelism and mission in the world, providing for worship, providing for spiritual growth, fostering stewardship, and managing the finances, property, and personnel of the congregation.

These duties of Session are carried on by teams of members. The teams are chaired by Elders. The current teams are shown below.



Elder Chair

Worship and Outreach

Worship & Music, Website, Radio

Susan Moon


Local and World mission

Lori Love-Franke


Spiritual formation, Fellowship

Jon McKay


Finance, Stewardship, Personnel

Thalia McGrady


Managing, maintaining the building

Bob Eamigh

The Board of Deacons

Deacons are elected by the congregation. These special people are described in Scripture as people with spiritual character, honest repute, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies, and sound judgement. The work of the Board of Deacons is first and foremost a ministry of caring and service to the sick, friendless, and any who may be in distress, both within and without the congregation. Deacons accomplish this by being in touch with the members, providing meals and dinners at times of bereavement, providing help to the needy, and generally being sensitive to the needs of the congregation and the community.